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Travel At Work

Travel expense reports....there is no point in hiding it, it's not fun, not simple, not really interesting - but it has to be done.

So why not make it as easy for your employees as possible, by helping them through the often complicated rules set down by tax authorities and politicians without any understanding of the amount of extra work their "good ideas" add to the businesses. We even handle the Scandinavian rules, probably the worst and most detailed ever invented.

That aside, we are pretty good at integrating the data in the business processes - like linking travel expenses to customer orders, projects or working tasks. Or splitting one expense report on different customers.

The mobile app

  1. Start the trip by selecting how long you expect to be gone and which customer you expect to visit.

  2. Add the travel expenses as you go - transport, meals, toll roads and ferries and other expenses.

  3. Document the ones needing with your smartphone camera. If prepaid by employer, just check the box. If you are entitled to a meals compensation, Travel will calculate the amounts and split them on the meals according to government rules.

  4. Done? Check and deliver it, wait for approval and payment

Travel mobile add cost.png
Travel mobile start trip.png
Travel mobile check and submit.png

Travel expense approval

When setting up the application, we can implement your business approval rules for travel expenses. If needed, we can add "pre-approval" to it, but normally it's just the traveller and one manager involved before the accounting/salary experts take a final check before it goes to the salary/ERP system.

We can do more advanced setups if needed, but we like to keep things simple if possible. And remember, with a system so easy to perform "after-checking" the risk of simplifying the approval process is not so big.

Governmental compensation schemes supported

Most tax authorities and governments have made complicated rules for compensations. Meals, company car vs. private car, electric car vs. fossile fueled car. Accomodation if you need to sleep, and different fares depending on where you sleep and which country you visit.

We have built-in support for probably the most complicated regulations in the world - the Scandinavian - and we are confident we can add more.

The schemes can be assigned to employees individually based upon location or office if needed - or by union membership.

It's an Alfa Romeo Spider in case you wondered.....when you travel , do it with style!


Salary and invoicing exports

Most salary systems support travel expenses rather well, but  not many are well integrated when it comes to invoicing them.

Sine our reports allow "multi customer" (or mulit project) visits, we also can split the expense reports for invoicing the customers accurately.

So we offer double exports (to time and invoicing) from Travel At Work - to make sure you don't need to split it and enter it manually (which would be a total waste of time and we don't like that).


KeyP - Travel reports

A few key questions any business need to ask themselves - and that KeyP is designed to answer - are:

  1. Do we visit the right customers?

  2. Should we pay the same attention to all customers? Or should we prioritizethe "A-customers" or the ones with potential - the 20% generating 80% of our invome?


Checking out KeyP and you might be surprised over the result - and if not, it's good to know!

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