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We always start with an idea about what our systems and services should do, how they can improve our customers businesses - often initiated by a customer who has a "wild idea". We analyze the full process together with our customer, look at it from all angles. Inputs, decisions, exceptions, output and reports. If we agree it looks good, we make early prototypes to get proof of concept - and then we standardize and productificate - and start improving.

Most ERP-systems today are based upon very traditional concepts of “Order to cash” as the sales process and “Purchase to Pay” as the purchasing process. And between the two is the warehouse where all deliveries arrive, get stored and later picked for delivery to the customer.

This does not support modern business like webshops, just in time purchasing, on site deliveries or even daily "best practice purchasing". Click on the headline to read more.

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We have customers from all branches: industry and manufacturing, construction , consulting, trade and webshops, banking and financials, lawyers and accountants.

Most of them have the element of production between the Customer Order and the delivery.


And with many different systems to support their business, it becomes difficult and very time consuming to keep on top of it all. To make things even more complicated, tasks and deliveries are often performed by suppliers or partners.

Our mission is to unite and streamline the processes by filling in the missing pieces with our applications or bridging them by using our Project Management platform as a command bridge - with strong drill-down and cross reporting capabilities creating both predefined key performance indications and ad hoc options for investigating possible issues

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