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PEPPOL services

In most branches, particulary in Scandinavia (but the list is growing) you simply can’t do business unless you have the option of sending or receiving documents electronically using the PEPPOL frameworks and formats. Invoices, orders, price lists – all getting more and more automatic – and PEPPOL is the new standard taking over for EDI.

Either because customers or suppliers demand it, or because the cost per transaction done manually is so time consuming that you lose too much to your competitors that have automated their processing.

So – you need an Access Point to serve as an interface/relay between you and your customer/supplier that can also bridge the older but still much used EDI world.

We have been Access Point since long before the name was invented, and are among the first PEPPOL AP’s established. We also have EDI exchange. And since PEPPOL is an European standard and “transaction relay” we can transmit data all over Europe.

Search and report - fast, easy, unlimited

We don't just send yout documents, we can parse and store them in our applications with just one setting since all our applications are designed for PEPPOL.

If we do, you can use all our reporting capabilities - or simply use it to check out the sending logs for the documents.

Or you can use them as basis for KeyP reporting.

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