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Purchase Optimizer

Purchase Optimizer makes sure you always get the best price on any order or requisition without spending hours optimizing small orders. It will

  • Check all registred suppliers for price and availability

  • Calculate freigth costs and

  • Suggest the best combination for your customer order or requisition.

  • Split, prepare and send the purchase orders directly to the suppliers or add to existing purchase orders for the suppliers

  • Increase the handling capacity and throughput for order handlers both by automation and preparation of the orders

It will aid your purchasing policies by grouping, splitting or joining orders before sending - but allows for flexibility and manual inputs (because sometimes we don't have all the facts in our systems).


Some webshops are "one manufacturer only" shops. They are not the main target for our optimizer. But any webshop offering items or services from more than one supplier, especially those who offer same product from several suppliers need a Purchase Optimizer to stay competitive.

Read more about how Hemmatema AB improved their business using At Work Order, Optimizer, Purchasing and Supplier Invoices here.

Industry and construction

Most of the businesses in this sector use big resources on the larger investments, implementing best practice methods and spend a lot on streamlining their ERP systems. They have >1 supplier for critical items and price lists and extensive purchasing agreements.

But many fail on the day to day purchasing of "consumables"and even on purchasing the critical items, especially when the items are supposed to be delivered "on production site" - not the warehouse.


Our mission is - in addition to getting the best price and delivery - to enforce the purchasing rules of the organizations.

Services, retail, transport, public services and other businesses

Many of the organizations in this "mixed group" have the same demands and needs as webshops or construction. But many of them buy far more consumables and services compared to the others.

For consumables it's the same benefits and system environments as the others, but when it comes to services other parts can be brought in.

Like project manager for those who buy janitor services for their buildings. Or a networked order/sales concept for transport networks where several businesses coopreate to be as profitable, competitive and environmental friendly reducing the CO2 footprint of their businesses by using eachouthers resources.

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