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Partners and opportunities

As you can see from our concepts, list of products and services, we don't operate in a vacuum. We integrate with other business applications. Our services change the way people and organizations work so good planning and implementation is critical - and our applications "live and develop" with the organization and its culture, technology, management and people. And the best way to do this, is working with partners.

  • Technology partners that can make good, seamless integrations between our products and customer ERP-systems

  • Resellers that know the customers and their needs

  • Business consultants that help their customers improve by using technology

  • Acconting offices that have made - or want to make - the transistion from book-keepers to business developers


Our offer is a long term partnership, with a high degree of mutual loyalty offered and expected, free and open discussions without limits on creativity.

Technology partners

We seek partnerships with ERP system specialists who can

  • Integrate our systems and services with the ERP system and maintain it over time

  • Advise the customers on how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by At Work applications and create good workflows and processes - and assist the customers in implementing it

  • Support (consult) the customers about how to get the most out of their implementations over time

  • Advertise, sell, implement and maintain our applications.

We have a range of options when it comes to integrations, and even if we do like most web services and similar seamless methods we have other options if required (we've been in business since 1998 and have seen and done a lot).



If your business is to know your customer an their needs, find the right products and good suppliers that will take care of the rest - then being a reseller is the right option.

You can decide for yourself if you "just" want to sell and get the sellers cut of the licence fees, or you want a bigger share by providing first line support.

Our modulized product range gives you the opportunity to sell a "concept" but start small witt just one application - and then go back later with more of our products.

And - we don't fix you role so you can develop as your customer base grows.

Business consultants

Our applications are developing with our ustomer, following their changes and living inside their business processes - so for a business consultant there is plenty of opportunity to create a long lasting relationship with mutual benefits.

Normally, as a rule of thumb, an implementation project is followed by annual consulting around 10 to 20% of the project time. The reason is that when organizations start changing, improving and see the results, they get in the improvement modus and want more.

Our systems operate on all levels in the organizations - from the floor to the board room - and so should our business consultant partners!


Accounting offices

Most accounting offices have their customer base within the small to medium businesses segment. When the business grows, they inhouse the functions. Sometimes because they save money by doing it - or increase their capacity - but more often because the common ERP systems don't support their needs any more.

In any case, with our applications we can

  • Help accounting offices in the transit from "book-keepers" to advisors and consultants

  • Automate and improve customers working processes and help accounting offices keep them longer

  • Extend the functionality of ERP-systems and make customers stay

If (or when) fthe customer decides to inhouse the accounting services they will keep our systems. And - as a partner - the accounting office will keep it's royalty fee and the opportunity to return if the customer need them again.

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