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Sales - offers, orders and invoices

Our sales to cash concept starts with cold call-lists and ends with paying the invoices to the suppliers after the items are sendt to the customer. And covers everything inbetween. We have integrated sales with purchasing and production streamlining the process, making it suitable for a variety of businesses including webshops, production, engineering, carpenters and even consultants.


Our 360 degrees thinking is supported by integrated systems meaning

  • Less manual handling per order/lower costs per employee

  • Faster handling

  • Shorter time from order to cash

  • Better profit margins

Add KeyP and you have completed the "cycle of quality" with a great monitoring and planning tool for your sales process.


The data flow is the key

Define your business processes - end to end - and create a complete environment for smooth and effective flow for all the information without "double entries" of same information and decisions.

Automate as much as you can - but not to much.

Seamless processing using smartphone interface for realtime data

Monitor the flow visually from worklists and graphical reports

Act. Handle the exceptions and prevent orders from getting stuck, rejected or ignored by the suppliers without anyone noticing and taking action.

Request > offer > order > invoice

Register the request (or order directly) with the items and services you want to provide, move it on to and order if you win. Nothing strange.

Use PEPPOL to communicate the business documents og email with "Accept" or "Reject" buttons that the customer can use for easy approval - and automatic update of the status of the offer to "Accepted" or "New order" according to your preferred setup.

When the order is completed and delivered (perhaps someone clicked the "Delivered" button on his smartphone to let you know) - click "Invoice it" and send it. Again, PEPPOL, EDI, Email - or print it. For some markets (like Norway) you can use DigiPost to let your customers pay directly just by clicking "Pay" on the invoice.

Find the facts and report

Our new search engine offers speed, accuracy and flexibility in the extreme. Prepare your data; filter, calculate, sort, summarize, highlight or group data, present it graphically and pivot the data is just the beginning.

Save your favourite reports, email them or even subscribe to them via email as daily, weekly or monthly reports.

And yes, you still can download it to Excel if you like, but when you have learned our new reports we don't think you want to any more.


KeyP - Customer reports

If you really want to improve your sales,  our KeyP application is your obvious add-on. KeyP stands for Key Performance monitoring  - and it will in real time tell you which customers you sell to, which items they buy or how your salespeople perform. 


KeyP helps you ask the right questions and make more money.

The perfect planning tool for board meetings down to regular sales force meetings making hands on plans for which customers to visit and which products should be in focus.

Try it and you will understand why we suggest the sales process start there.

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