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Document management At Work

Even if the shortname is Archive, the application is a dynamic document management system for active handling of documents - but like most of our systems it's made to handle critical document types like agreements, ISO 9001 (and other standards) and HR documents (due to it's very strong confidentiality handling) - or any document type where life cycle is desired or distribution a requirement.

In addition, it's the perfect companion for our applications, handling project documents, checklists, pictures and movies, orders and communications, warranties and claims - making the documents available from the application where you need them.

Archive worklist.png

Core handling functionalities

  • Good worklists with same logic and focus as all At Work applications

  • Easy upload of documents from sources like file system, email, scanners og smartphones

  • Wake ups and worklist events for expiration/due/renewal/handling/revision-dates or user defined tasks

  • Subscribe to new versions, documents in folders or document types makes sure all who should know gets the information

  • Creating a “delete list” for documents that are supposed to be deleted after expiration, e.g. written warnings to employees, in compliance with GDPR

  • Advanced access control to both single documents or document categories (“folders”) based upon both user role and assignment to business processes revents unauthorized access to sensitive documents and better sharing of data

Search and report

Filtered by the user privileges and roles, it's easy to find any business document by index or content (if it's not an image that is).

Search by folder, document type, contact or other selections - see which documents exist and open them.

Or just type in your search words, select "search content" and let the system browse through all your documents and return the ones matching.

Mobile Navigation to Archive.png

The mobile app

Find any uploaded document or add a new one from your smartphone.

Search like you du on the desktop - and display it on your smartphone (if your browser support it ogr you have the app installed). 

Save new or edited documents back to Document management by uploading from the smartphone file system or take pictures with the camera and upload and make them available instantly.

This picture from my smartphone is categorized as "Infrastructure" - because it's our offices.

Mobila Archive Ass Search.png
Mobile Archive upload.png
Our office.png

ISO 9000 family

Designed to support the ISO 9000 "family" or any similar quality standard not only by archiving the documents and make them searchable but by being part of the process:

  • We support the structure of the ISO 9001 concept by adopting the folder structure, document types and how we assign and connect documents to eachother

  • We make sure the revision process is according to the standard by creating a revision schedule, assign the task to a specific person and create a "wake up" when revision is due to start.

  • The tasks makes it possible to "QA the QA process" - and it can even be used to monitor checklists and reports assigned to the various processes

  • Assigning as subscribers every employee (and others) that need to be aware of any new or updated document by email and a "check out task" is much better than just making it available by publishing it.

  • Create checklists with exception handling for each "point" and individual follow up

Archive ISO scaffolding checklist.png
SSA-L for web.png


Agreements are core components of many of the business processes we support, and we have incorporated them in many different ways like making them available to the purchase/sale or as project documents. In Archive we also handle them as entities of their own, with full life cycle management.

  • Register the Agreements to the relevant business process and supplier/customer and project. Register duration, termination and renewal dates. Add a "deleta-date" if appliccable.

  • Create tasks for the people responsible for the Agreement - for renewal, termination or renegotiation - and use a wake up to notify them well ahead of any action needed.

  • Assigning as subscribers every employee (and others) that need to be aware of any new or updated documents by email and a "check out task"

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