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Uniting Order to Cash & Purchase to Pay

Most ERP-systems today are based upon very traditional concepts of “Order to cash” as the sales process and “Purchase to Pay” as the purchasing process. And between the two are the “warehouse” – the logistics hub – where all deliveries arrive, get stored and later picked for delivery to the customer.

For most businesses and procurements however, the order processing should pass as smoothly as possible to the best suppliers for the particular order - and the delivery directly to end customer or site. With back to back control of the processing and the financials (invoices in/out).

This highly automated flow – assisted by our unique Purchase Optimizer – is a breakthrough for integrating and optimizing the process - and available for all businesses.

Imported from the customers webshop, purchasing system or registred directly in At Work - it doesn't make any difference. We handle them all in our integrated workflow according to the customer business rules.

Take advantage of our PEPPOL and EDI capabilities, enable old ERP systems with modern communications and integrated processes.

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Optimizing the Purchase

Find the best vendor (or vendors) for your orders and save money and time. Sounds good? Well, it's true - and it even helps enforcing the use of Supplier agreements.

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When the order or requisition is approved - decide it you want to split it into more purchase orders (to save time and money), join it with existing purchase orders for the same supplier or just send it immediately.


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Team av kurerer

Sometimes, delivery is made to the warehouse - and checked for.

Other times, it's delivered on site or directly to the end customer - and the suppliers delivery confirmation is your only source.

And then you have the orders where your services and craftmanship is the key to the customers satisfaction.

We support all of them - united and streamlined.

When the invoice from the suppliers arrive, you already know whivh purchase order (or orders) they belong to - so you match it item by item to make sure it's all OK. But that's in the ideal world, because it takes som much time you can't afford it. Unless you use At Work.

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