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Projects and Production

We have customers from all branches: industry and manufacturing, construction , consulting, trade and webshops, banking and financials, lawyers and accountants.

Most of them have the element of production between the Customer Order and the delivery.


And with many different systems to support their business, it becomes difficult and very time consuming to keep on top of it all. To make things even more complicated, tasks and deliveries are often performed by suppliers or partners.

Our mission is to unite and streamline the processes by filling in the missing pieces with our applications or bridging them by using our Project Management platform as a command bridge - with strong drill-down and cross reporting capabilities creating both predefined key performance indications and ad hoc options for investigating possible issues

This application is the command bridge for projects, where we collect and monitor financial data, orders and tasks, time reporting, HES and QA, documents and checklists, people planning, purchasing and invoicing,

The main feature of the Project application are the things to to - the tasks. It can be production tasks, but also monitoring, reporting and administrative tasks. But in the end - they are all important and if they need to be done they should be somebodys responsibility.



When something needs to be done, create a task

Enter a start date and due date to make it appear in the worklists, a time budget to communicate your expectations, items and services attached, documents and checklists and select the people to perform it - then just publish it and it will be in their worklist on their smartphones.

Connect tasks depending on each other to stay ahead with your planning.

Monitor the tasks both from inside the project and independently, and you will know what's going on.

Integrated in the workers tasks, time registration is extremely simple. Select the task, start the clock. When finished, click stop - add comments, costs and other relavant information. Submit.

When the task is completed just mark it as ready for invoicing. Something that should be invoiced even if the task is not completed? Just mark it.

Invoice directly from your smartphone - or leave it to backoffice - they get the invoice notification instantly.

Some say time is money

We think this may be true

Many of our customers use ISO 9001 or similar standards as a framework for their activities, where "everything" is run by checklists, standards and documents. So we have included them.

And we have done more. You can make your own checklists with exception handling, where the exceptions will create a task that someone must correct  and you can send the lists to customers, project managers and others via email and even include a "Accepted" link.

Did we mention that the smartphone is the main tool for it? You probably guessed it, since pictures are better than words in many cases.

Archive checklist template edit.png

You guessed it - you can create and send the invoices directly from the task using the smartphone - or create it and send it for approval first.

Convert time to item lines on the invoice (if you like). Use "days" as an additional counter to number of and item price.

If your business - like many others - is delivering av mix of services and equipment for rent,  can invoice the hours and rental first, and then keep the rental invoice as a "subscription" with the invoicing intervals you chose.

There are many levels of project reporting:

  • The macro reports for the top level management trying to keep their eyes on all projects at the same time, looking for signs that something needs to be looked into

  • The project report designated for the project manager, trying to keep a close watch on financials, progress, problems, HES, time and resources. Budgeted and estimates compared to progress, costs incurred to budgeted etc.

  • Finally the reports designed for the process manager across many projects, like the HES and QA people, the accountants and engineers.


We can't provide all the answers, but we can help you ask the right questions. before you get hit by the train.

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