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Insurance claims

The insurance claims application is a special development for companies that either perform insurance claims services for customers or businesses that has high volumes of insurance claims – typically organizations with many vehicles (transportation companies, municipalities/government, home healthcare etc.) and/or properties exposed to damage or even people (e.g. schools). 


The application is  a complete, professional grade insurance claims system - just much easier to use:

  • Each claim get it’s own “budget” and accounting (like a project) with estimated costs, self risk, liability (who’s fault was it) and regress

  • It’s fully integrated with payables and receivables for collecting costs, handling payouts and regress claims to the other party

  • Full categorization of incident for gathering statistics to be used for preventing injuries/damages

  • Create and use standard document templates and checklists by using the Document management application

  • Use "wakeups" to remind you of things that needs to be done - or that you are waiting for replies from someone

Many organizations need help from independent insurance claims experts to be sure their claims are handled in their best interest (can you really trust your insurance company fully). Like all our applications, using Insurance Claims it's easy to outsource tasks to external experts - and unlike outsourcing the whole process you will control your own data and keep the freedom to change handlers.

Key information

  • Report damages/injuries in the smartphone app or standard paper forms

  • Classify it and add compementary information about the incident, like more parties, other damages and any witnesses

  • Register expected handling (like insurance companies involved) and expected costs and own risk

  • Learn from the aggregated injuries, define the best ways to prevent them from happening and how to minimize the costs.

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