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Project management At Work

Project management in many ways is a limited version of our business management applications - with customer orders and invoices, purchase orders and payables, time lists, document management, checklists, HES reporting and users - with financial reports and forecasts and status monitoring. All of our applications working united in creating the best conditions possible for high quality project handling.

But in addition to this, we have added Project Tasks with a extreme smartphone interface bridging the gap between the on site/mobile workers and the back office and management - and almost anything that needs doing in a project can be registered and monitored by using project tasks.

Projects and tasks.png

Key information gathered in worklists and project home page

  • Monitor projects and task execution separately from worklists - and get "ready for invoicing" data directly from the on site leader via the smartphone interface

  • Accounting reports with budgets and forecatst will give an early indication on any problems - e.g. to many manhours spent to soon in the project

  • Tasks assigned to many workers, cascading them and connect them will give a very visual view of progress and potential problems usin Gantt-diagrams

  • Checklists and HES reporting make sure the reporting and follow up is not ignored

  • Wake ups and worklist events for expiration/due/renewal/handling/revision-dates or user defined tasks

  • Document management application built in

Task essentials

  1. What should be done (a description), where and when - and what's the deadline.

  2. Who should do it - the list of workers (employees, hired personnell and contractors) and who supervise it - and how much time should it take

  3. Comments, documents and specifications and QA documentations

  4. Checklists - for internal use or to be shared with the customer (from the smartphone), and follow up all exceptions

  5. Notes, pictures and input from site

  6. If the task is connected to other tasks (dependencies) any delay or problem in earlier tasks should be known as soon as possible to plan the "next task"

The mobile app

Find any uploaded document or add a new one from your smartphone.

Search like you du on the desktop - and display it on your smartphone. Remember to install the apps needed to display and edit the document type.

Save new or edited documents back to Document management by uploading from the smartphone file system or take pictures with the camera and upload and make them available instantly.

Travel mobile add cost.png
Travel mobile start trip.png
Travel mobile check and submit.png

KeyP - Project reports

In addition to the KeyP reports for customers, suppliers and time the KeyP projects monitor the big picture

  1. Comparing costs and income to budgets - including time used (but not necessarily invoiced)

  2. Profit warnings if the completion of the project is out of harmony with the costs incurred and time used

  3. If the time not invoiceable gets to high

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