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Application support

For our SaaS customers, application support is included in the licence fee. Here is some practical information about what's included (and not), how to report bugs, how we classify them, handle them and how fast.

Classic VW Bug
Classic VW Bug

Reporting and fixing bugs

Fixing bugs in our applications is the most obvious service that's included. We try to aviod them, and we do test a lot, but there are som many different circumstances our systems need to handle that we can't avoid all of them.

But first you need to report the bug so we know what to fix - and the best way is to use the built-in "Support" option behind the ? on top or our applications. It will help you report and guide us to the right place and help us reply - and you can follow the progress.

Sometimes our find that the system does not behave like they expect it to. Often, this is not a bug - but report it anyway, maybe we think it's a good idea and adopt it in future releases.

Bug categories

Som bugs are critical

  • The whole system is down

  • Important data is lost or corrupted and need to be restored from backups, privacy breached

  • There is no way you can get around it.

Others are major, like

  • Systems are available, but extremely slow

  • Important functions not responding or slow

  • Workarounds are possible (but require some manual effort)

Then finally we have the small bugs

  • Annoying and some times making work slow in periods

  • Affecting single documents or objects but not all

  • Workarounds generally possible and not to difficult

kreative tanker

Suggestions and improvements

Since 1998 we have worked closely with our customers and listened to their needs and suggestions, and we really listen and appreciate feedback - large and small - from our customers.

Sometimes the idea is so good and implementation so easy that we just decide to do it and publish it in the next release (in a matter of weeks normally).

Other times we need to plan, discuss,figure out how to do it and discuss it with customers and partners before we act.

But all ideas - no matter how far out and impossible they seem to be - are appreciated and you never know, we might find a way so keep challenging us!

Classic VW Bug

Questions and how-to's

We do our best to help our customers get the best out of our systems, so we stretch our definition of "support" a lot of times.

Actually, it's easier to define what is NOT included:

  • Big customer initiated changes like changes/upgrades of ERP system or integrations

  • Training of new employees or after system upgrades

  • We don't do accounting - so we can't help you with tax codes or other 

  • Workshops and projects

In case you wondered, we'll tell you in advance if a task reported as a bug or question is outside the scope of support and we need to start the stamp clock for invoicing.

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