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Health, Environment and Safety

Part of project management or as standalone application, the Health, Environment and Safety application cover most businesses needs and requirements infrastructure for it’s HES work.


The mobile application is easy to use, always available (even from project tasks), uses the mobile camera for documentation. Based upon long experience working with craftsmen, drivers and managers we have made the necessary compromises between the easy to use/fast registration demands of the on site worker and the wish for statistics and metadata from HR managers.


 Our HES application can be integrated with our Insurance Claims module if you need a full scale handling of any incident resulting in injuries or damages to people or property. 

Key information

  • Report damages/injuries in the smartphone app or standard paper forms

  • Classify it and add compementary information about the incident

  • Register immetiate actions taken and other handling

  • Learn from the aggregated injuries, define the best ways to prevent them from happening and how to minimize the costs.

Tasks and reporting

​Perhaps the most important part of the HES reporting concept is that for most customers it's an add on - not a stand alone system. This means that in most cases, the users are already familiar with the user interface and functionality, and the HES reporting is easily available. The reporting is simple - and so is the follow up.

  1. Report the incident and add som simple checkbox cetegories.

  2. Take some pictures if needed, write a short comment about the incident, what has been done already and whoat more should be done.

  3. Submit it

  4. It now has become a task for the HES manager to handle.

HES worklist.png

Smartphone reporting

Register directly from you work task - or go to your HES application to report.

All our customers report that the main problem with HES work is to get the reports - and none have mentioned that complicated forms with lots of data are required.

So we have made it simple, minimalistic but still sufficient.

HES picture.png
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