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Improve your Business Processes

We make work flow!


We think business processes 360 degrees and develop our products and services based upon both best practice concepts and our innovative but down to earth solutions.

Our newest concept is to unite Order to Cash and Purchase to Pay in a unique way suited for modern businesses - and provide the tools to improve your businesses CO2 footprint.

Our concepts are built around open interfaces to integrate our products with existing ones to create the best possible workflow for our customers

All of our concepts and products are designed for PEPPOL and e-commerce.

Products and services

We have a wide veriety of product lines and products available after 25 years of creative cooperation with our customers

 We support their sales and purchasing, their transactions from our PEPPOL Access Point, production workflow with project management and time registration and documentation,  ISO and Supplier Qualification process with our document center and certificate management. Travel management, employee skills management, HES reporting, insurance claims handling.

Customized applications

Our products are results of working with very knowledgeable customers for many years - so we know that some of uor customers have different requirements and ideas. An important part of our competence is to understand the needs, find out how and when to implement them as customised applications.

We can run customer specific applications from our SaaS site or we can make a customer specific installation with full support for our applications.

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